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"...the other half of the sky."

In 1980 when John Lennon whispered these words at the beginning of his wonderful song “Woman”, it is still a long way to go to a culture in which women were accepted in leadership roles. Today, Christmas 2014, the distance that women have to cover to the management floors of agencies and companies has not become significantly shorter.


Werben & Verkaufen 10.11.2014: „Ich wechsle alle zwei Jahre den Arbeitgeber. Manchmal öfter. Wie kann ich Kontinuität in meine Karriere – und mein Leben – bringen?“

Dagmar Hübner writes for the column “Business Coach” that appears in the weekly magazine Werben & Verkaufen. In her first contribution she explains how to identify your personal USP. Moreover, she discusses the meaning of the USP as a tool for successful career planning. The human resources expert recommends the 50/50 rule! You want to know more about this topic? Here you will find the complete article.


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