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"...the other half of the sky."

In 1980 when John Lennon whispered these words at the beginning of his wonderful song “Woman”, it is still a long way to go to a culture in which women were accepted in leadership roles. Today, Christmas 2014, the distance that women have to cover to the management floors of agencies and companies has not become significantly shorter.

And so much has happened at first sight: all-day care, women’s quota and an increasing self-confidence in women plus the ongoing war for talents should have laid a solid foundation to build the female career on. But still, the percentage of women holding leading positions is languishing in the single-digit range.

Why is that so? Because women still prefer the second row. And because it is of course still not an easy way up to the front row. Anyways, not for those who consider children as an important part of their lives. It has been published a lot on this problem. And there is no doubt that the Creative Industry from talent management to collaborative working systems must become more open. (Debatable whether the Apple and Google initiative of Social Freezing is the right approach.)

Sometimes it simply helps to call the big picture back to mind.

“(Women are) the other half…”

Woman are the other half – not only the other half of the sky but also of working life.

As long as we do not encourage and support women who choose to face the exciting balancing act between careers and family as good as we can, we literally will only do things by halves. However, on the long run no one benefits from this, especially not the “the other half of the sky” – the men. Since their working life would be enriched and completed when shared with more woman; as a counterpart of the private life.

We should make sure that each “other half” could choose the best of all lives. No matter if this life takes place at home with the kids or outside on a job or as one of the million possible life-enhancing mixtures of both.

With this in mind, we wish you and your “other half of the sky” peaceful and relaxed holidays and a happy and successful year 2015.

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