How you benefit from our experience.

— For more than 20 years we are an active player in the human resources market of the marketing and communication industry, working for agencies and companies alike. As a result we do know
the requirements and demands of both from an insiders perspective.
By concentrating on but one industry we are deeply familiar with its

benchmarks, developments and change of paradigms such as the fundamental shift from offline to online. By concentrating on People we built over the last two decades a tightly woven and at the same time wide spread network that today encompasses young talents
as well as high performer and opinion leaders.

Why curiosity makes the difference.

— In a fast moving, ever changing market, curiosity is the key to staying on top of developments and identifying changes as they happen. That is why we take part in panel discussions with opinion leaders on a regular basis, why we are present at fairs,

conventions and award shows and why we conduct our own independent research regarding the development and future of
the human resources market. As a result our voice is heard and appreciated throughout the market:

All these research results and insights are compiled and processed in our own knowledge management system and in our extensive CRM database, guaranteeing a coherent care for our top candidates.

Why we ask questions no one else asks.

— To find the perfect candidate, we start by defining what makes you unique as an employer: your positioning, your vision and corporate culture. Guided by a structured interview process of our own devising we step by step clarify what you are and what you stand for.
We ask questions about, among many other things, job description, team leadership and team structure, about internal processes and knowledge management, about working culture and human resources development plans.

Because the emotional fit between employer and employee is vital
to the success of the relationship we attribute great importance to personally meeting the decision makers. In the end the right match in terms of qualification and requirements amounts to just 50% of the relationships success. The other half is determined by the chemistry between the acting persons. And that is why we need to know both quite well in order to assess the potential “chemistry” correctly.
It is a peoples business, in the end.

What we call the „Perfect Match“.

— Based on all the accumulated information we create a briefing paper for the position in question. After developing a tailormade research strategy we talk to candidates who´s qualification meets your requirements and who´s personality matches with your company-, and working culture. If everything falls into place we recommend candidates to you.

Thanks to the extensive preparation no more than 3.2 of them on average. And that´s that.

What we are aiming at is the proverbial win-win situation: a working relationship with a long term perspective for both sides.

How we will support you along the entire process.

— With our professional project- and time management we steer
and moderate in close cooperation with you the entire recruitment process. Starting with the briefing and not necessarily ending with the singing of the contract (as we accompany the onboarding process as well, if requested) you receive all services from a single source and at the same time go easy on internal HR resources.


What we can do for your Human Resources Management.

— Faced with a shrinking market and a war on talents that gets fiercer by the day, human resources and employer branding are ever more important strategic challenges for companies – and, if all goes well, a valuable competitive advantage.

Our HR management stands ready to support you in devising and implementing HR strategies, which will allow you to recruit, develop and most of all keep the high performers, thus creating substantial human capital for your company.

If you want to learn more.

— We look forward to hearing from you.


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