Why we are always the right address.

— We staff all the important positions in marketing and communi-
cations: product. & brand management; strategic-, brand- and digital planning; account- & media management and, of course, vacancies in the creative staff: concept, copy, art and design both off- and online and increasingly hybrid.

— What´s more, as a long standing and trusted partner of our clients we are familiar with and in many cases involved in their recruiting

strategies. As a result we quite often know about future vacancies long before the market does.

Renowned Clients
— Our clients, regardless whether they are agencies or companies rank almost invariably among the top ten of their respective category / branch.

Why you will go places with us.

— While based right in the heart of Germany in Frankfurt/Main, The People Business works for clients and candidates all over Europe and even beyond. Needless to say we are present in every major German city and keep in close contact with local developments and opportunities there:


How we get to know you better.

— With our structured interview process we lay the foundation for a successful counselling. In an intense and personal dialogue we focus on your stories behind the facts, on your mentors, personal bench-
marks, key learnings – and sometimes also on defeats. Because defeats very often provide us with important lessons and serve as
a powerful catalyst for personal developments.

Every dialogue is as unique as the people we talk to, yet there are questions we especially like to ask:

„What was your masterpiece? What makes you proud about it?
What was your biggest failure? What are you very good at? What is important to you in regards of your career? Who are your most important teacher? What motivates you?“

And this is merely the beginning. We are interested to learn about your favourite author and the importance of your work for your life planning, your last visit to the movies and your take on current events in society. Why? Because we want to get to know you. Really.

What we consider core competencies.

— All those questions (and many more of them) help us to generate a to-the-point analysis of your potential: What makes you truly unique, what is your individual mix of talents, strengths and passions? What is your self image? Which of your competencies are distinctive already, which deserve support and enhancement?

We identify areas of learning, point out new approaches to old challenges and create your self marketing strategy based on our
track record based CV:

How we find the position that really suits you.

— Based on your potential analysis, we discuss relevant vacancies with you – bearing in mind both your personal development and your personal timing.
Having profound knowledge of our clients as well, we are able to make sure that the mutual expectations coincide to a very high degree.

Prior to your first interview with a potential employer – usually already at decision maker level – we will provide you with all
relevant information and brief you comprehensively on the
state of the process. Our clients in turn receive your track record based CV and a management summary regarding your compe-
tences and personality.

Our continuing support.

— We moderate the entire process, provide coaching and discuss the feedbacks with you. We negotiate your contract and stand by your side throughout the entire onboarding process – and with most of our clients well beyond that.

Our joint process.


Why it is never to early to support young talents.

— On a regular basis we grant students and other high potentials access to our know-how of the marketing and communication industry. This includes a talent analysis aimed to help them find
their appropriate profession. We tackle fundamental topics such
as: “planning versus account management?”, “online rather than offline?”, “media or marketing?” and the all-important: “Am I an agency-guy or company-type of mind?”

Based on the results we design an individual self marketing strategy, train interview situations and – as always – accompany the entire process thereafter.

If you want to learn more.

— We look forward to hearing from you.


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