The Difference

Why asking is the right answer.

— For more than 16 years now, The People Business brings people and positions in the marketing and communication industry together by way of a concept that to this day is unique and leads to working relationships that are both exceptionally long lasting and successful for both sides.

  • 3.2candidates is our
    average number of recommendations.
  • 97%of our successful candidates stay in
    after probation.
  • 48months our candidates stay
    in on average.
  • 24months on one job is the industry average.
  • 60%of our successful candidates substantially promote their careers during that time.

These numbers result from a deep knowledge about and insights
into the human resources market of the communication industry,
as well as our profound and well trained curiosity in regards of our candidates.
But first and foremost it is three core principles that make the difference and guide everything that we do:

Why advising both sides serves both sides.

— We analyse, advise and look after our candidates just as intensively as we do with our clients on the business side. It is the knowledge and insights gained through this dedication that teaches us what both sides need and offer. The Two-Clients Principle enables us to match partners with complementary goals for a long lasting working

relationship. At the heart of our analysing process lies a special and unique questionnaire that goes far beyond the obvious things usually asked during the recruiting process.

We call it the Three-Level-System.

Why we are curious about favourite writers and meeting culture.

— To get to know people and business alike, we conduct thoroughly structured yet very personal interviews that on the first level aim to clarify Competences and Qualifications resp. Demands thereof on both sides.

Education, skills and experience of the candidate are among the fundamentals we tackle, while on the business side our interests range from job profile to company structure to company positioning and beyond.

On the second level it is all about Personality and Company Spirit. Goals, attitudes and drivers are our focus on the candidate side while on the client side we concentrate on leadership style, working climate and set of values; aspects that usually receive their fair share of

attention not until much later in the process. But there is a very important third level that we – as very few others do  – pay close attention to the Working Culture.

By analysing the working stile, the individual concepts of hierarchies and processes, the level and specific balance of freedom and structure on both sides we are able to determine on a fundamental level, if the working culture of candidates and employers are in synch or not – a regularly overlooked yet decisive factor when it comes to forming lasting partnerships.

Only if a potential client / candidate combination harmonizes on
all three levels, we are prepared to give our recommendations.
Our success rate more than proves this concept.

Why we are long term thinkers and advisers.

— We are aiming neither for the quick match nor the fast solution but for the Perfect Match for both sides. This requires a deep knowledge about both, candidate and employer and this in turn requires time. Time we are happy to invest because candidates and clients alike

benefit from this investment by successful working relations. More than 40% of our successful candidates later on become our clients on the business side. A more significant approval of our work is hard to imagine.